Get comfort and understanding around your food, so you can eat what you need–for a lifetime.

  • Eat the foods you love and learn to listen to your body.

  • Create lasting results that keep you motivated and feeling great.

  • Feel empowered in your skin!

The Nutrition For Life Project has proven effective in simplifying clients’ relationship with food and adding a level of accountability to sustain a healthy life.  We understand that figuring out what or how to eat can be difficult. Let us empower you to become a healthier version of yourself while reaching your body composition goals along the way.  The Nutrition For Life Project’s tracks educate and guide you to understand what you need, assist in making appropriate and progressive changes to your food plans, and still allow you the freedom to enjoy life.  We also address more than just food, but other areas of health, including sleep, nutrient timing, fiber intake, and supplementation. This is a food plan can be successful for a lifetime, without the need to cheat yourself out of fun!